How to register a free .np domain in Nepal?

How to register a free .np domain in Nepal?

The .np domain name is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nepal. These domains with the .np extension are very popular in Nepal and around its geographical area. You can not buy and sell .np domains, can be registered free from the portal of Mercantile ( Free .np Domain Registration In Nepal

Domain registration in Nepal Under.NP (ccTLD) is free of cost.

What is .np Domain?

.np domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nepal. Domains are often registered from To obtain free .np domain registration, you need to have a citizenship certificate for personal domain and PAN certificate and company registration certificate for business use. Some Examples of Free Domains:-,,,,,,,,,, etc.The list of the “.np” domain names are mentioned below:

  • – Academic
  • – Commercial
  • – Governmental
  • – Military
  • – Non-profit organizations
  • – Internet Provider
  • – Aerospace related fields
  • – Asia and the Pacific
  • – Business
  • – Organizations that work for the promotion and support of the co-operatives
  • – information
  • – Employment related
  • – Mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web
  • – Museum
  • – Identification labels
  • – Certified professionals
  • – The travel industry

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions For Free .np Domain Registration)

1. Can I register .np Domain For Personal use?

Yes, You can register for personal use

2. Is the domain .np is Free of Cost?

Yes, .np ccTLD is free of cost

3. What is Eligibility?

The person registering .np domain should be Nepali citizen holder.

4. Do I Get DNS manager For Free?

No, you will not get DNS Manager in .np domain. So if you need DNS manager then you need Web hosting or DNS provider like Cloudflare

5. Can I connect .np domain to Blogger/Blogspot?

Yes, you can connect the .np domain which Blogspot. To connect to blogger please use Cloudflare DNS (free) and update Nameserver in your domain control panel

Document required for domain registration in Nepal

  • Request letter typed in the company’s official letterhead with authorized signature including stamp
  • Scanned copy of your company registration certificate
  • Scanned copy of  PAN/VAT certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate

Document required for domain registration in Nepal

  • Nepalese citizenship or passport or driving license or voter’s card or
  • Non-Resident-Nepalese ID Card or
  • Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals
  • Name server – It is provided by hosting service provider
  • Application for applying domain

Free .np Registration Process for free in Nepal

Simple steps to follow up for the .np registration process

STEP 1. Browse

STEP 2. Enter the domain name and choose an appropriate suffix from the drop-down list (Example-,, etc.). Follow Policy For .np  Domain  Registration Under NP CCTLD

STEP 3. If your domain is available to drag a box of your domain name to the right side into the domain basket.

Check Out This Video for Free Domain Registration In Nepal.

STEP 4. Fill forms details with username, email and click “Register”

STEP 5. Check your email. An email from Mercantile subject “Hostmaster – NPccTLD Registration Services”. Open your mail and must click on the link for confirmation. ** Note that if you don’t check or click that link within 3 days, the .np domain registration will be canceled.

STEP 6. The new form will appear, fill up form details. and login to your domain account.

STEP 7. Login to with username and password.

STEP 8. Fill out your administrative details Like(Name, address, admin email, admin phone, admin mobile number), for .np domain and it’s for your company details (Org name, Org address, Org email, Org Phone, Org mobile). Click “Submit”

STEP 9. Now Upload your Cover letter to the Site.

STEP 10. If all the information details and request/cover letters are correct, your domain will be approved within 1-2 working days.

STEP 11. Now Mercantile will send you an email regarding your domain is approved or not.  Free .np domain registration in Nepal – Complete Guidelines

Now Your free .np domain Registration process is completed, No we will go for DNS(Nameservers Modifications)

Read More:-

How to modify .np (DNS) domain nameserver?

follow the below steps to register .np domain and Modify its Nameservers:

Step 1. Browse or Visit

Step 2. Login with your login details/credentials.

Step on the Active Domain tab. Your registered .np domain is/are listed in the list below.

Step 4. Click on the edit button on the right-hand side.

Step 5. To modify your NS, click on the link NAMESERVERS at the left-hand side which is just below the heading Domains.

Step 6. The documents that you had uploaded and the NS information are displayed now.

Step 7. Edit your NS information and click on the update button.

Step 8. An email will be sent in your inbox notifying you that the Hostmaster has received your request.

Now You Can Easily Change Your .np domain DNS

I hope this post will help you to get  .np registration for free in Nepal.

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