How to promote Affiliate products on your blog? Earn Money

How to promote Affiliate products on your blog? Earn Money

How to promote Affiliate products on your blog?

At Tech4Nepal we share and still do such methods by which you’ll earn money from your own blog. one of the simplest methods for earning online is affiliate marketing. In Affiliate marketing, you can choose a product that is associated with your blogging niche, and create awareness about the product, then someone buys a product using your affiliate link and for that, you simply get a referral commission.

If you’re not yet in Affiliate marketing, read our detailed Affiliate marketing guide to be started with it.

In this post, I will be able to provide you easy tips and tricks about promoting affiliate products on your blog or website.

Affiliate marketing tips to market affiliate products :

Review post:

Nothing can beat the best review post of any product during this matter!

A review introduces a replacement product ahead of your blog readers and alongside your opinion also tells them why you ought to buy that product. There are some things that you simply should remember while writing a review post of any affiliate product.

The review should be written with honesty. most of the people only show good points of the merchandise and don’t tell any downside. An honest review should have both this stuff. confirm to feature the pictures of the merchandise, and provides all the knowledge that you simply have about offering your product.

Write the review during a personal tone as people search for personal recommendations in review articles.

Choose a product that you simply have the likelihood to use yourself.

Use star-ratings to urge a better CTR from the program for your review. you’ll use the Author Review plugin to feature star-ratings to your blog post. The results of the blog post coming to the program will look like this.

Affiliate marketing tips to promote affiliate products

Promoting in blog posts:

Another way for increasing your income is by promoting your ads in a blog post. You can easily promote affiliate links through social media. Social media can create a great impact on increasing your earning. For Example when you are writing about “which is the best hosting in Nepal” then you can add a line with personal thoughts like “I recommend you to use these or that hosting “.you can add your affiliates links there.

How to Write Articles for Product Promotion?

DIY (Do it Yourself – roll in the hay Yourself) type articles do an excellent job for affiliate product promotion. If your product is technical and wishes instructions to use it, you’ll write a tutorial guide for that product. Here are some examples of niche understanding: –

  • How to add additional domains to the Himalaya host?
  • How to install WordPress on the Himalaya host?

Such tutorials aren’t only handy but also help in improving your Page rankings.

Use Coupon Codes:

Believe it or not, saving money is usually the most important marketing incentive. Whenever a customer buys a product and sees a coupon box, he searches for “Product Name + Coupon”, and with the resulting coupon code, you continue to get a pleasant commission.

Remember that as an affiliate marketer your goal shouldn’t be just to share the coupon but there should be something that the customer clicks there on alternatively your sale won’t count. (There are some the affiliate programs where coupons are also treated as sales.)

  • Example: Himalaya Host Coupon Code

You can also write a monthly blog post for coupon codes. (For example, Best Hosting of the Month)

Use Featured Post:

Whether it’s a review post or coupon code post, your goal is to urge more views on these posts. aside from on-page SEO, you ought to get more visibility by setting such posts as featured posts. A handy feature in WordPress that permits you to stay your blog post on the homepage. you’ll roll in the hay by crossing it.

In the edit post section, click on visibility, and tick “Stick this post to the front page”.

Use banners within the sidebar :

When you are receiving targeted organic traffic on your blog, banner advertisements will do great work. Using banner ads properly may be a worthwhile task. many bloggers make mistakes while placing banner ads, they place various products banner on the site, which will confuse the reader of the post to choose the follow these rules for better earning.

Never place banner ads of comparable products within the sidebar:

Banner Ads works as a recommended product. With such multiple similar products, you confuse your readers about what they ought to buy. it’s an honest idea to put such products that are associated with your niche. for instance, on a blog of WordPress tips, you’ll place banner ads of those things: Themes, Plugins, Hosting Services, etc.

If you’ve got a multi-niche blog, you’ll use the Adrotate plugin for your ad-management. This plugin will assist you to point out ads consistent with the category and geographical locations. you’ll also do AB Testing for different size banner ads.

Here are some ideas that will work for you in 2020:

  • Mention the product in the post.
  • Set up a Playlist or series for the product.
  • Write a comparison post for a similar product.
  • Write a post when a new feature appears in the product.
  • Write posts about alternative products available.
  • Write a post about why I switched from A to B.
  • Prepare a resource package Product.
  • Make a video explaining the specification of the product.
  • Write a list post and include the product or service.

Let me know which of the following ideas are you using for promoting your product.mention in the comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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